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Here’s what some of our Pensacola, FL customers are saying about us:

Recently a co-worker had transmission trouble so I helped him look for a good repair shop. I passed 2 shops on Nine Mile Road everyday going to work. I suggested we try them. The first shop was right on the side of Nine mile road. We talked to the man behind the counter there, he quoted a price of $1200 to $1600 for repairs but did not offer to even look at the car to diagnose the problem. We then went to Gene's, which is at the end of the street behind the first shop. We talked to the man behind the desk there & got a similar price quote. He then suggested that we allow him to check the car on his diagnostic computer to verify that it was really an internal problem. He checked the car right then & said that the problem was not internal, but actually showed as a sensor problem. He then quoted a repair price with parts as below $200. We set up an appointment to get the repair done. When he began working on the car, he found a hole in the transmission filter pan to actually be the real problem. After contacting the car owner, the repair was completed for about $100, parts, labor & fluids.
Needless to say, the car owner was thrilled. We HIGHLY recommend Gene's Transmissions as THE repair shop. The technicians knew about a lot of transmission troubles & recall issues, so they were more up to date on what our trouble could have been based on what we had described the car was doing.

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John did a great job at a fair price.

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Good cheap service and good free advice on anything about ur car or truck

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Good guys here.

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Took my son's Z71 in for transmission rebuild and electronics upgrade, quoted us a fair price and had it completed 24 hrs later. Not the usual turn around time but timing was just right for us. I highly recommend this shop to everyone.

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Had a shutter in the torque converter and John knew exactly what is was and what to do to fix it. The transmission now works like it was brand new and it didn't cost me an arm and leg! Thanks John!

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One of the most honest and reputable shops in Pensacola area!! Wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else.

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Not able to help due to the make of my car. Very helpful in troubleshooting the issue and advising me on options.

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Took my 2006 Dodge RAM in once my check engine light came on. Gene had to call a computer guy to come and assist with an error code he had not seen before. They trouble shot for two days trying to reprogram my PROM. Gene called me and explained everything they did AND who I should talk to at the Dodge dealership AFTER stating he could not fix it therefore he could not charge me anything!!! They just do not make technicians like Gene anymore...

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John knows transmissions...

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Great people, John and Gene are fair and Good.

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